Establish a longitudinal, collaborative partnership between a hospital facility in a developing country and the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Colorado.


Provide the best possible anesthesia care to the underserved of the developing world.


Develop an understanding of the role of anesthesia and surgery in global public health.


Train and educate future anesthesia providers in order to increase anesthesia capacity for local citizens.


Create a progressive, adaptable, top-tier experience that provides residents with newly developed skills that will be utilized throughout their career.


As part of the collaborative agreement, clinical, qualitative, and scientific research will take place with the goal of achieving publishable outcomes.


Collaborate with local anesthesia providers to increase anesthesia capacity, improve quality of delivery, and create a framework for independent sustainability.


Appreciate the burden of surgical disease in low- and middle-income countries including the absence of essential infrastructure for the provision of safe anesthesia.


Broaden understanding of cultural and socioeconomic factors in the burden of disease and transition these skills to underserved immigrant populations on return to training site.